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About GBJ Litigation and Business Valuation Services
By David H. Goodman, Sep. 3rd, 2013

Our philosophy of client service stresses what we call the Five C's of Quality Service

  • Competence
    A demonstrated ability to do the work to the standards required.
  • Caring
    The best way for us to serve your clients is to approach each engagement withobjectivity, to understand the engagement, and to exercise professional care incompleting the engagement.
  • Curiosity
    Asking questions in order to be sure we understand the facts and issues, and toexplore options before making decisions.
  • Consistency
    To provide a work product that is consistent with the facts and our analyses.
  • Communication
    To present the results of our engagement and our opinions in a clear andconcise manner, and to be available to answer questions and discuss the work athand in a responsive, informed manner.


Our Litigation and Business Valuation Services

Business Valuations
Gift & Estate Tax
Shareholder Actions
Buy-Sell Agreements
Family Limited
Forensic Accounting
Loss Damages
Owner Disputes
Compensation Disputes
Employee Dishonesty
Accountant Conflict of
Errors & Omission
Fiduciary Suitability &
Mismanagement Issues
Financial Statement
Income Tax Issues
Family Law
Asset Determination
Income Determination
Business Valuation
Child Support v. Alimony
Property Settlement
Loss Damages
Business Interruption
Breach of Contract
Personal Injury
Property Damage
Wrongful Discharge

Business Valuation Services

The U.S. Government has been increasingly pushing for business valuationexperts to be accredited by one of the national accrediting organizations. InCourt, judges are being called upon to verify that experts are in fact experts. Toqualify as a valuation expert in litigation matters or with the IRS, an expert needsto be able to demonstrate through education, training, and experience that theexpert has the competence, knowledge, and understanding to value a businessenterprise. Valuing a business is far more than putting numbers into a softwareprogram: a credible expert will be current on valuation issues, understandthe sources and methodologies used, and be able to explain them clearly andsuccinctly.

As Certified Valuation Analysts, We have been designated by the NationalAssociation of Certified Valuators and Analysts--the largest such association inthe United States. NACVA's CVA and AVA credentials have been accreditedby the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), a division ofthe National Organization for Competency Assurance (NOCA) and is the onlyvaluation credentialing organization to be so certified.

Divorce Services

Divorce is a difficult and emotional time. When your clients need help, you want competent, timely, accurate, and effective help. With GBJ, you get objective and credible assistance. We take the time to understand your client's situation and the issues to be resolved. When negotiating a divorce settlement, there are many financial and tax pitfalls to be wary of: financial insolvency in later years, alimony recapture, and deemed child support--just to name a few. A qualified expert can help you find solutions.

Litigation Services

Our goal is to provide you with quality advice when litigating and to adhere tothe professional standards of the AICPA and the NACVA. In addition to testifyingas experts, we can help you by:

Clarifying business transactions
Interpreting complex financial information
Organizing and synthesizing data
Assisting you with discovery
Proving facts
Computing damages
Developing strategies