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1. Do I have to use the Client Portal?

  The Client Portal provides a secure way for us to provide you with documents containing confidential and private information, such as your income tax returns. It also provides you with a secure way to provide us with documents containing confidential and private information. Under Massachusetts state law, we are required to send any documents containing personal information as defined by the regulations to you in a reasonably secure manner. For example, if you wish to receive an electronic copy of your income tax return, you need to use the Client Portal.  


2. I forgot my password.

Click on the link shown below and follow the onscreen instructions. This can be done from either the Silverscreen website or the non-Silverscreen website.


3. Can I use the Client Portal to send or receive information from third parties, such as my banker or lawyer?

We can set your banker or lawyer up with a temporary Client Portal which will expire in 90 days (or less at your request).


4. How do I access documents in the Client Portal?

When you log in to the Client Portal, you will see your directory and generally two folders: “To GBJ” and “From GBJ.” You may also see other folders if they have been created. Click on the folder and you will see your documents. Newly added documents are noted “NEW.”


5. How secure is the Client Portal?

The Client Portal has been rigorously constructed to be secure. However, in today’s world, no one can guarantee absolute security when it comes to protecting confidential information over the Internet. Nevertheless, using the Client Portal is far more secure than transmitting confidential information through standard email.


6. What web browsers does the Client Portal work with?

Currently, there are two different websites for accessing the Client Portal: the “dressed up” one requires Microsoft Silverlight. Currently, Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or higher and Mozilla Firefox will work. Google Chrome no longer supports Silverlight and CCH expects Mozilla Firefox to drop its Silverlight support as well. If you use Safari or otherwise have problems with Silverlight please use the following link to access the portal:



7. How do I use folders in the Portal?