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Collaborative Practice

Collaborative Practice is a way to resolve disputes before they become out of hand and bogged down in expensive legal proceedings. The way it works is the parties agree in writing to seek a resolution without court intervention and to freely and confidentially exchange information. During the process the parties are assisted by Collobaratively trained attorneys and a facilitator. The parties may also involve Collaboratively trained financial neutrals and other experts to assist them in reaching a resolution. Collaborative practice is effective in family law and civil disputes.

David Goodman has been trained in the Collaborative Process and can assist you as a Financial Neutral in family law and civil matters.

Collaborative Practice:

  • Can avoid costly court battles
  • Focuses on problem-solving and finding resolutions
  • Keeps decision-making with the parties
  • Provides the parties control over the process and outcomes
  • Provides private and confidential resolutions
  • Can preserve business, personal, and family relationships

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